Air-Cooled Outdoor
Packaged Chillers

Budzar Industries Air-Cooled Outdoor Packaged Chiller may be conveniently located on an outside ground level pad or on a plant roof to maximize floor space and minimize installation costs. The Air-Cooled Outdoor Packaged Chillers feature a rugged skid design and provide an excellent source of chilled water for industrial cooling applications.

Features Include:

  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • 31 single, dual and multiple circuit configurations from 5 to 300 tons, designed to operate in a leaving water temperature (LWT) ranging from 35°F to 55°F
  • Factory-mounted accessories for easy installation
  • Refrigerant vessels are constructed in accordance with ANSI B9.1
  • Factory tested prior to shipment


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      2.5 1000
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      -100 750
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