Mold Temperature Controller

Our Mold Temperature Controller, available with direct injection or closed-loop cooling, delivers unmatched reliability and accuracy.  The Mold Temperature controller is manufactured for maintenance free operation which makes it perfect for a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, and rubber.

Our Hot Water Temperature Controllers, exclusively manufactured with top quality components and featuring a non-proprietary self-tuning controller, are compact yet powerful. The Mold Temperature Controller is typically used in industrial applications where accurate temperature control is required. including injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion.

The Budzar Industries Mold Temperature Controller is the smallest, best performing, best priced unit on the market.

Features include:

  • A non-proprietary “self-tuning” controller, continuously adjusts to the process to increase production rates, improve process consistency, reduce scrap and speed start-up.
  • Exclusive use of quality equipment: I.E.C. electrical components, non-overloading ODP motor, industrial duty pump with a 300°F rated EPDM HT Carbon/GI Silicar Seal and long-life cooling valve work together to provide many years of outstanding service
  • Flow rates are available from 20 to 110 GPM @ 30 PSI for turbulent flow. All units may be upgraded to 50 PSI
  • Complete maintenance access with two quick release side panels and a heavy-duty easy release clamp fitting
  • Separate process and set point temperature displays
  • Return and supply pressure gauges
  • Full lighted status display provides complete diagnostics
  • 11” wide, 19” high and 24” long
  • Available in 9kw, 12kw and 24kw configurations
  • Five-year controller warranty with continuous auto tune
  • Temperature accuracy +/-1°
  • Stainless steel brazed plate exchanger for closed loop cooling
  • Continuous Automatic Air-Vent prevents heater burnout
  • Four swivel casters
  • Factory tested prior to shipment


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