Steam Sampling Cart

The Budzar Industries Portable Steam Sampling Cart provides fast efficient and safe steam sampling. An Air-Cooled Chiller matched with a heat exchanger guarantees swift and consistent steam cooling. Incorporated into the design is a Cooling Water Storage tank and process pump to maintain steady cooling water temperatures under variable loads. With lockable casters, the Budzar Industries Steam Sampling Cart unit is easily moved within a laboratory or pharmaceutical environment.

Features include:

  • Capable of condensing 150ml in 3.5 minutes
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Stainless Steel Sampling Tray
  • Sanitary Diaphragm Style Sampling Valve designed to prevent contamination between samplings
  • High-Performance Air-Cooled Chiller to condense the steam
  • Kink Free Sanitary Sample Hose
  • Lockable Sanitary Casters
  • Steam Tie Hose Approved for 3A Sanitary, USP Class VI and FCA 21 CFR 17, 1550 Compliance
  • Required standard 110VAC power


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