Director Series

The Budzar Industries Director Series Reactor Temperature Control Module with environmentally friendly refrigerant achieves a temperature range of -85° to +200°C and is suitable for applications requiring a wide range of heating and cooling applications with a single heat transfer fluid.

The Director Series with its stainless-steel construction is available in sizes for 20 liters to 500-gallon reactors and includes PLC control with Data Logging & Trending Software with Self Tuning for accuracy +/- 1o°C.

Features include:

  • Temperature Range from -85° to +200° C
  • Sizes from 20 Liter to 500 Gallon Reactors
  • Jacket Delivery Pressure Control
  • Single Loop or Cascade Control
  • General Duty or Explosion Proof Classification
  • PLC Control, Data Logging & Trending Software, Self Tuning for Accuracy +/- 1°C


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